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Quarry Sales Australia
Quarry Sales Australia are now open for business

We have a number of listed quarry businesses and quarries for sale and continue to obtain enquiries from potential vendors and purchasers alike.


Buyers - Let us know what you want, and we will see if we can match your requirements

Visit our Parent company website www.quarryvaluations.com We are number 1 Worldwide on Google and many other search engines for many quarry related searches from 2009 to 2011 and 2012 to date.


www.quarrysalesaustralia.com has already established a very high profile, thanks to YOU.


Keep coming back we have a number of new listings coming up over the next few months




Quarry Sales Australia

Bringing Quarry Buyers & Sellers Together


Real Estate Agents and Brokers
Sellers / Vendors wishing to register with Quarry Sales Australia
If you have a Quarry or associated industry business that you wish to sell or lease, then talk to us first.
Our first task would be to assess all the documentation available for the business, and for quarries this can often be extensive. We would inspect the property to determine the physical issues at the site and other matters. We would advise you on our views on the marketability of the property and our expectations of value should the property be offered for sale or lease. We would also provide you with a contract for us to act on your behalf, setting out our terms and conditions for the sale. Once signed, then we would progress with identifying suitable buyers from our database, and discussing with you the results of our analyses and how we intend to market the property to the potential buyers.
There may be instances where a quarry company may not wish their competitors to be aware that they wish to sell, nor divulge commercially sensitive information. We can assist in identifying other quarry companies who may be interested in entering the market in a particular location, without the need to publically put the quarry on the market.
There are many sensitive issues that need to be discussed and our expertise within the quarry industry allows us to provide you with all the information that you need to know, and the confidence that the sale of your property is in good hands.
We aim to be the Number 1 seller of Quarries in Australia.
Contact : Rod Stephens
Tel No:   02 47048483
Mobile No: 0423 383343