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Quarry Sales Australia
Quarry Sales Australia are now open for business

We have a number of listed quarry businesses and quarries for sale and continue to obtain enquiries from potential vendors and purchasers alike.


Buyers - Let us know what you want, and we will see if we can match your requirements

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www.quarrysalesaustralia.com has already established a very high profile, thanks to YOU.


Keep coming back we have a number of new listings coming up over the next few months





Quarry Sales Australia

Bringing Quarry Buyers & Sellers Together


Real Estate Agents and Brokers
Buyers / Purchasers wishing to register with Quarry Sales Australia
We would welcome all potential buyers of quarries and associated industry properties to register both their details and purchase requirements so that we can match those to our opportunities for sale or lease. This will enable us to identify qualified buyers for any quarries or associated properties that we may have instructions to sell or lease, and will allow us to identify suitable purchasers for each opportunity.
Once the details are registered on our database, then we can match the buyers requirements to the opportunties available.
It needs to be recognised that there may be instances where a potential quarry buyer may also be a competitor to a quarry company wishing to sell, and in such instances the client may wish to decline any contact or supply of information to that company at the clients discretion. There are also many instances where a client does not wish to advertise their quarry for sale, and ask us to identify potential purchasers who may wish to negotiate privately. Unless we have the details of potential purchaser requirements, then we would not be able to pass these opportunities on so that we can properly match those requirements.
We already have a number of existing qualified buyers on our database, and we are always looking to identify additional buyers. Where we have a number of potential buyers looking to acquire particular types of quarries in specific locations, then we may directly market to suitable existing owners to try and obtain instructions from them in order to meet buyer requirements. In essence tell us what you want, and we will see if we can find it for you.  
Contact : Rod Stephens
Tel No:   02 47048483
Mobile No: 0423 383343