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Bringing Quarry Buyers & Sellers Together
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Quarry Sales Australia
Quarry Sales Australia are now open for business

We have a number of listed quarry businesses and quarries for sale and continue to obtain enquiries from potential vendors and purchasers alike.


Buyers - Let us know what you want, and we will see if we can match your requirements

Visit our Parent company website www.quarryvaluations.com We are number 1 Worldwide on Google and many other search engines for many quarry related searches from 2009 to 2011 and 2012 to date.


www.quarrysalesaustralia.com has already established a very high profile, thanks to YOU.


Keep coming back we have a number of new listings coming up over the next few months




Quarry Sales Australia

Bringing Quarry Buyers & Sellers Together


Real Estate Agents and Brokers
Quarry Sales Australia (QSA) is a new business committed to helping owners and operators in the quarry industry in selling and / or leasing their valuable quarry assets.
  • We have extensive experience of the quarry industry
  • We know the market
  • We know who is active in the market
  • We know who is likely to buy or lease your quarry
  • We can tell you what we think you can get for it, and then try to match and exceed our own expectations for you.
We have over 19 years experience within the quarrying industries and 25 years experience within the real estate and property industries. We offer professional and realistic advice and our knowledge of the quarry market enables us to provide honest opinions of value based on actual sales and lease evidence that we hold on our database.
We already know who the most qualified buyers are for your quarry, because we talk to many operators on a regular basis, and we have an extensive database of buyers for the full range of quarries. We will discuss with you the most suitable companies that are likely to buy your quarry, and then consider an advertising and marketing campaign to capture additional interest in addition to our established contacts.
As a result you will not incur considerable advertising costs for promoting your quarry and / or business in a magazine that no quarry buyers read. You will not obtain grossly inflated values from us, because we understand the market, and we do not wish to waste your time or ours, by offering a quarry, that in our view, will not achieve the price expectations of the market. Quite often the reasons for over quoting on value, are firstly because the seller / agent does not know the market and secondly because the seller / agent can sometimes benefit from advertising commissions.
Our research shows that approximately 78% of all quarry sales are purchased by other quarry operators. The remaining 22% consist of Investors (most of which have quarry experience), builders / contractors / developers, all of whom are buyers of the quarry materials and have outlets for them, and finally farmers, many of which are often looking to acquire the lands as well as the quarry.
In essence the sole purpose of advertising a property for sale, is to let as many buyers as possible know that the opportunity is available. However in an industry such as the quarry and extractive industry, where there are relatively few buyers, then if the majority of those buyers are already identified, then there is little incentive to spend vast amounts of advertising on trying to get one more interested party, who is less likley to acquire the property in any case.
We already have an extensive database of quarry buyers, which we hope to add to on a continual basis, and we aim to be the Number 1 Seller of Quarries in Australia and New Zealand 
Contact : Rod Stephens
Tel No:   02 47048483
Mobile No: 0423 383343
Quarry Sales Australia is a Business Name owned by Stephens Valuation and Consultancy Pty Ltd under BN 98530883. See our website www.quarryvaluations.com